Hearne Academy
Historically Black College




Sketch from Negro Education: A Study of the Private and Higher Schools


A school of elementary and secondary grade. The school was founded as Hearne Academy in 1881 and the present name was adopted in 1909. It is owned and controlled by the Baptist Missionary and Educational Convention of Texas.

Attendance.—Total, 102; elementary 66, secondary 36; male 43, female 59; boarders, 66.

Teachers and workers.—Total, 7; all colored; male 3, female 4.

Organization.—Elementary: The elementary work is divided into primary and grammar departments. The primary department, embracing the first four grades, enrolls practically no pupils. The grammar grades are fairly well taught. Some instruction in sewing is given.

Secondary : The secondary pupils have a four-year course of the college preparatory type, including four years of Latin and two of Greek. A little practice teaching is done. The girls have sewing three times a week.

Financial, 1912-13.—As far as could be determined the more important items were:

Income, excluding noneducational receipts $4, 200
Expenditures, less noneducational receipts 3, 700
Value of plant 16, 500

Sources of income: Baptist Missionary and Educational Convention of Texas, $3,000; tuition and fees, $1,200. The noneducational receipts were from the boarding department and amounted to approximately $3,000.

Items of expenditure: Expenses of boarding department, $3,000; salaries, $2,000; other expenses, $1,700.

Plant.—Estimated value, $8,000. The school owns 10 acres of land in the suburbs. Buildings: Estimated value, $7,500. There are three two-story frame buildings and a cottage on the grounds. The rooms are fairly well kept but the buildings need repair.

Movable equipment: Estimated value, $1,000. The equipment consists of furniture for classrooms and dormitories.

Recommendation.—That the Baptists of Texas increase the support of this institution and adapt its work to the needs of students from the rural communities and small towns of this part of the State, or combine it with one of the other Baptist schools of the State.

Date of visit : April, 1914