Hearne Academy
Historically Black College




Annual Report Of The Board 1898

Hearne Academy, founded at Hearne, Tex., Rev. J. F. Anderson, Principal, 1886; teachers employed, colored 5; present estimated value of property $8,800; no incumbrance; no floating debts; receipts, from tuition $500, board $1,000, churches and individuals $350, sources not included in classified accounts $650, total receipts $2,500; expenditures, for school supplies $110.70, boarding department $1.290.80, improvements and repairs $427.75, students' labor $118.20, salaries $750, total expenditures $2,697.45; appropriations, by the Society $500, by the Trustees $250, total appropriations $750; enrollment, males 38, females 47, total 85; average attendance, day pupils 22, boarders 29, general average 51; preparing for college, 5; receiving systematic instruction in industrial work, 29; preparing to teach, 30; preparing for the ministry, 6; receiving gratuity, 14; conversions, 14; average cost per pupil, for instruction only $1.75, for school supplies only 60 cents, for board, including all necessary labor in preparing it for use, $4; for all expenses incurred in conducting the school, except special improvements, $9.