Hearne Academy
Historically Black College




Annual Report Of The Board 1895

Hearne Academy, Hearne, Texas ; Prof. M. H. Broyles, Principal, 2 years; teachers employed, white 0, colored 6; expended for teachers' salaries, by the Society $500; by the colored people $2,405, total $2.905; pupils enrolled, males 35, females 41, total 76; average attendance, day pupils 18, boarders 29, general average 47 ; received gratuity, 5 ; preparing for college, 3; received systematic instruction in industrial work, 28; preparing to teach, 39; preparing tor the ministry, 4.


These are great factors in helping to bring about a better condition of things among us, not only in the Baptist fold, but among the people generally. Bishop College has been a great blessing to us, and with Brother Wolverton continuing at the head, greater blessings are yet to come. He is a man that loves us, and believes in putting Bishop College in a condition to do us thr greatest good possible. Rest assured our people appreciate most heartily what is being done at Bishop. Hearne Academy has at its head a good, earnest, capable man. He desires to make Hearne a first-class academy, but hard times have almost discouraged our brother. We trust that the way will be open so that Professor Broyles may be able to accomplish his desire. This school has had many drawbacks. One year ago the boys' building burned down. This year the girls' building burned. It is contemplated to build on the new site, about one and a half miles from town (Hearne). Houston Academy, with Dr. Garnett and wife at the head, has moved off nicely, and we are looking for great results from this school. Our schools need money. We have about 500 students in these schools, about 320 being at Bishop. Out of this number we have about 38 preparing for the ministry.

Institute work among our people has done great good, and we hope to secure more of it for them.