Hearne Academy
Historically Black College


Mrs. Stumm

Mrs. Stumm, daughter of Thomas and Eliza Penman, and wife of Rev. Mr. Stumm of Philadelphia, Pa., was born in Boyle county, Ky., March 25, 1857. Her father died when she was quite young, yet the inflexible zeal of her mother insured a good schooling for her child. She remained in Berea College for two terms, gaining a fair amount of knowledge, which has been added to since by her personal efforts. She has taught in private institutions and public schools, having taught, and has been the matron, at the Hearne academy, Hearne, Texas, and Bowling Green academy of Kentucky. 

Mrs. Stumm's journalistic work began in 1879, at Elizabethtown, Ky., in a newspaper discussion with a preacher upon a certain question, which resulted in a victory to her. She contributed occasional articles to The Bowling Green Watchman, (Ky.) and while she was in Boston, she worked as agent and contributor for The Hub and Advocate, and other Afro-American journals published in that city. She has since resided in Philadelphia, and has energetically acted as Philadelphia agent for The National Monitor, Brooklyn, N. Y., and for Our Women and Children magazine, at Louisville, Ky. Mrs. Stumm is a good thinker and a florid writer, and from what her pen has already produced, it is safe to predict she is destined to accomplish much for her race.

Sketch from The Afro-American Press and Its Editors
by Irvine Garland Penn - 1891