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REV. Lacey Kirk Williams was horn in a one-room cabin in Kufaula, Alabama, where he spent his baby hood days and in a two room cabin later until he was six years of age, when he moved with his father to Texas. When 12 years of age he was converted and baptized into the Thankful Baptist Church, by its pastor, Rev. A. Rivers.

In securing an education he passed through the public schools of Texas, and then attended respectively, Hearne College, Hearne, Texas ; Bishop College, Marshall Texas, where he finished the Theological and Academic courses, and then the Arkansas Baptist College, where his A. B. course was finished.

In 1914 the Selma University conferred upon him the degree of D. D. in 1894, he organized his first church, which started with four members. It was located at College Station, Brazos County, Texas.

He built church edifices at Lyons Station, Cameron, Macedonia, Dallas, Mt. Gilead and Ft. Worth, Texas. The church at Ft. Worth cost $95.000, and is a most beautiful structure.

He is now pastor of Olivet Baptist Church, Chicago, Illinois. this church has a membership of 8600; it collected and spent in 1918, $64,000. To accommodate its large membership requires three places of worship, and every Sunday it is necessary to hold three to four overflow services.

He has held many honorary positions ; Chairman of the State Prohibition Association of Texas ; President LaGrange District Baptist Sunday- School Convention ; President for 12 years of the Baptist Missionary and Educational Convention of Texas; President of the I. & M. College, Fort Worth, a Dean of Theology of the same school prior to being elected President ; Editor Western Star, official organ of the Colored Baptists of Texas; and now President of the Baptist State Convention of Illinois.

Mr .Williams was the only minister appointed by Governor Lawnden to serve on a mixed board of prominent citizens to study and report on inter racial relations in Chicago.

August 16, 1894, he married Miss Georgia Lewis, of Pitt Bridge, Texas. They have one child, a boy 13 years old.

Many regard Dr. Williams as the foremost speaker and leader of the Negro Baptists since tin- death of the lamented Booker T. Washington.



Sketch from The National Cyclopedia of the Colored Race
Published by: National Publishing Company, Inc. (1919)