Butler College
Historically Black College


Principal: J. V. McClellan.

A school of elementary and secondary grade. It was founded in 1905 by the local Baptist Association and is owned and controlled by that body.

Attendance.—Total,150; elementary 122, secondary 28; boarders, 115. The reported enrollment for the year was 211.

Teachers and workers.—Total, 8; all colored; male 3, female 5.

Organization.—The 12 grades are fairly well taught. The only industrial work is a ittle sewing. Boys receive practice in agriculture by cultivating 15 acres of land. Some home training is given in the dormitories.

Financial, 1912-15.—The accounts were poorly kept, but according to the estimates the principal the more important items were :

Income, excluding noneducational receipts $5, 500
Expenditures, less noneducational receipts 4,131
Indebtedness 850
Value of plant 12, 225

Sources of income: East Texas Baptist Association, $4,000; tuition and fees, $1,500. The noneducational receipts were from the boarding department and amounted to approximately $4,000.

Items of expenditure: Expenses of boarding department, $3,000; salaries, $2,200; repairs and additions, $2,000; equipment, $675; supplies and sundries, $256.

Indebtedness: Of the indebtedness $600 was in the form of mortgage on part of the property and $250 was back salaries due teachers.

Plant.—Land: Estimated value, $12,000. The school owns 30 acres of land, which is about evenly divided between the campus and the school farm.

Buildings: Estimated value, $8,000. There are four two-story frame buildings, fairly well kept and neat in appearance.

Movable equipment: Estimated value, $2,225. Of the equipment, $2,000 was in furniture and $225 in farm implements and live stock. There is practically no industrial equipment.

Recommendations.—1 That teacher training, the theory and practice of gardening, and simple industrial work be made part of the regular course.
2. That the system of accounting be improved and the books audited annually by an accredited accountant.

Date of visit : March, 1914.

Sketch from Negro Education: A Study of the Private and Higher Schools '