Bishop College
Historically Black College


Alma Mater


Bishop College School Colors Blue and Gold

Bishop College Motto Fiat Lux "Let There Be Light"

Bishop College Mascot Tiger/Bears

Bishop College Alma Mater

Bishop Blue

(Tune: Good Old Summer Time)

There's a color I love,
Tis the azure above,
The good old Bishop Blue
There's nothing quite like it,
The other don't strike it,
The good old Bishop Blue


 Good old Bishop Blue,
 Good old Bishop Blue,
A little piece will make a man
Feel just as good as new

We put a strip up here, you see,
To show our heart beat true,
The best school in the Union 
Is good old Bishop Blue, 

As long as we live,
The best we will give,
To the good old Bishop Blue
Be loyal forever,
Dishonor it never,
The good old Bishop Blue