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Report Of The General Agent And Summary Of The Work Of 1904-1905 To The Trustees of the John F. Slater Fund
Gentlemen: As your General Agent I submit the following report on the schools receiving aid from the Slater Fund:

BISHOP COLLEGE, Marshall, Harrison Co. (Baptist Home Mission Society). Arthur B. Chaffee, President.

Founded, 1881 ; incorporated, 1885. Property: land, $40,000; buildings, $100,000; equipment, $10,000; total, $150,000. Annual income: Baptist Home Mission Society, $7,850; Slater Fund, $1,500; old accounts, $532.82; total, $9,882.82. An- nual expenses: salaries, $10,303 (other expenses not given). Instructors: 3 white men, 11 white women, 9 colored men, 4 colored women ; total, 27. Students: male, 293 ; female, 292 ; total, 585. Students classified: elementary, 343; secondary, 85 ; college, 32 ; normal, 60; theological, 30; domestic science, 221; basketry, 25; wood-working, 10; carpentry, 107; black- smitliing 6; sewing, 302; drawing, 25 ; boarding students, 375. Practice school of 8 grades with 343 pupils.

Extracts from the report of the President:

" The practice school of our Normal Department numbers 343. We have 60 in the Academic Normal Course, especially preparing for teaching, making a total of 403 under the care of the Normal Department.

" The net gain of 22 over the attendance of last year has been made in the practice school, the enrollment of the Academic Normal Course being about that reported last year. Fully 150 in the practice school are preparing to teach. With the 60 in the Academic Normal Course, 210 are purposely taking normal work.

" The manual training department has been in full operation during the year under the management of Superintendent T. H. Adams, and his assistants. For lack of teachers we arc unable to show all the results our appliances are capaole of making. Our shops turned out, while we were building our new Rockefeller Hall, very commendable work. Window and door frames, balustrade spindles and many other parts came from our benches. We made several thousand feet of flooring, and many thousand feet of lumber passed through the saws and planer. Our blacksmith shop enabled us to supply braces for brick work, shaped rods for beams with many other pieces for the building. The wood-turners, in addition to regular work, have given us ball bats, stair pieces, ornaments and a commendable showing of skilfully turned pieces. The large amount of furniture repairing necessary has also been done this year by the students.

" The domestic economy section, comprising work in sewing, dressmaking and millinery, has been larger than that of last year. The net gain is 52, with a total of 254. The introduction of a course in millinery has added to the efficiency of the department.

" For lack of suitable room, classes in cooking have not been formed this year. A new cooking room fitted with stoves and tables for individual students will be provided another year."

The Slater Fund has been given the past year to

Hattie I. Finney $500.00
Thomas Adams 500.00
J. A. Phillips 500.00

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