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Report Of The Acting General Agent And Summary Of The Work Of 1902-1903 To The Trustees of the John F. Slater Fund

BISHOP COLLEGE—Marshall, Texas. ARTHUR B. CHAFFEE, President

Report of the President, March 25, 1903.


Number of boys taking Manual Training (Carpentry, Wood Turning. Iron Turning, Blacksmithing, etc.) . . 168
Number of girls taking Sewing, 157
Number of girls taking Cooking 30
Number of girls taking Domestic Economy, . . . . 5

Total ............350

Ministerial Students excused from Manual Training, . . 18
College students excused from Manual Training,.... 18
Normal teachers excused from Manual Training, . . 28

Total number of students enrolled, .... 408


Miss HATTIE I. FINNKV. Superintendent.
Number of students enrolled 70
Number of practice teachers in Normal Department, . 23

Appropriation for 1902-1903, $1,500. Disbursed as follows:

Hattie I. Finney $312.50
Thomas Holden Adams. ....... 312.50
Angus C. Davis, , 312.50

Total .......$937.50
Balance on hand 62.50

Annual appropriation, 1,500.00
Amount received, 1,000.00
Balance due $500.00

At my request Mr. Cloyd visited this school on April 8. In his report he gives a detailed statement regarding buildings, equipment, income, expenses, etc. Of the President and faculty he says:

" The President, Rev. Arthur H. Chaffee, is a graduate of Princeton and of Rochester Theological Seminary. I consider him an able man, well qualified and adapted to this work. He is scholarly, pleasing in personality, and open-minded in attitude. He is carefully studying every phase of his work and is progressing as rapidly as his finances will permit. With a wider acquaintance with other institutions similar to his own, he will become a very valuable man in the South. I consider the welfare of Bishop College safe as long as he is permitted to control it.

" Regarding the other members of the faculty whom I met and whose wcrk I saw, I wish to speak in high terms. What is especially noticeable is that they are young men and women of colltge training and are not abnormal persons, as are so often found in Mission schools. Their ideals seem wholesome and their work thorough. I regard Miss Finney, the Superintendent of the Normal Department, as a very competent woman. She is a graduate of the Toronto Normal College, Canada."

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