Bishop College
Historically Black College




Summary Of The Work Of 1901-1902

BISHOP COLLEGE—Marshall, Texas.

Arthur B. Chaffee, President of Bishop College, reports:

"The work of the past year has been more largely carried on than in former years. Additional work in the more active features of manual training has been done, and advanced classes in sewing and dressmaking have been successfully carried on. The enrollment for the year was 441. A total average attendance of all students in the industrial department was 333. Of this number 123 boys were in the shop ; 180 girls were in sewing classes ; the cooking class numbered 20, and the domestic science 10. Primary students, 28, and theological students, 25, were not required to take industrial training, and are not included in the preceding enumeration. In connection with the class work of the shop, much practical work, such as fence-making, shed-building, and house-repairing has been very satisfactorily done by the students. Special classes in printing and painting were organized during the year.

" A marked advance has been seen in the sewing department. A special instructor in dressmaking was engaged and the work thoroughly reorganized. The effect upon the students has been marked, many more calling for systematic and scientific work in the department. Very much the same increased interest has appeared in the classes in cooking and domestic science. Competent instruction in household matters, including such subjects as sanitation, care of sick, and good housekeeping has been given by Miss Cressey, the Preceptress, and Mrs. Holbrook, the Matron.

" But the most noticable feature of the departments coming within the scope of this report is in connection with the Normal Department. During the year the Texas State Examiners granted to college graduates of Bishop College the privilege of applying for a State certificate without further examination. This action has naturally aroused much new interest in our normal work. The number taking the work during the year was 7; five of whom graduated with high honors.

" An entirely new feature in normal instruction has been added to the Normal Department. This consists in the addition of a normal course in the College, covering four years, supplemental to the Academy course of four years, and leading to the degree of Bachelor of Pedagogy. Large additions are to be made to the college library to meet the demands of this course, and additional instructors will doubtless be required to assist in the work. Our graduates from the Normal Department find no difficulty in passing State examinations and in finding lucrative positions. I am pleased to say therefore that our work is very encouraging. Thanks to the benefactions of the Slater Fund we have been able to do our work. That we appreciate this help goes without saying.

" The new catalogue shows still larger opportunities for the students. Longer courses of work in the shop and in the dress-making and domestic economy class have been projected. There is an increasing demand for fully-prepared teachers and workmen, and we desire most faithfully to prepare our students for the work of life." :


Miss Hattie I. Finney $500
Mr. A. C. Davis 500
Rev. D. H. Zink.. . 500