Bishop College
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Summary Of The Work Of 1900-1901

BISHOP COLLEGE Marshall, Texas. Albert Loughridge, A. M., President.

" In general, the work has been carried forward with ample devotion on the part of the teachers, and with good success. There hag been nothing wanting on the part of the teachers, except strength to carry the very heavy work. More specifically : " The college has a complete graded school, now in full operation, witli primary and grammar schools fully organized. These constitute the practice school for the normal department.

" The normal course announced two years ago has proven popular, and now enrolls a majority of the students in the academic course. Besides the usual brandies of the regular course, it offers professional studies in methods of teaching, school management, history and science of. education, and in school laws of Texas. Six terms of work must be given to practice teaching in the training school. The course is as comprehensive as that of the better Southern normal schools. The enrollment last year in this course was 40 ; this year, 68, a satisfactory increase of students looking to teaching as a vocation. The present enrollment in the college is 400, 35 in advance of any previous year.

" The industrial training has been prosecuted with vigor. Classes in carpentry, wood-turning, forging, etc., have been fully maintained, and satisfactory results have been reached. But the work now attempted is manual training only. Prof. Rice has given devoted and efficient service to this part of the work, and I am encouraged to think that the purposes of the Board in granting the funds have been well met by all these teachers."


Russell S750
Rice 500
Finney 250