Bishop College
Historically Black College



Summary Of The Work Of 1898-1899

BISHOP COLLEGEŚMarshall, Texas. Albert Loughbridge, A. M., President.

" This institution for the education of the negro people of Texas and neighboring States was founded in 1881. Starting seventeen vears ago with a few acres of newly purchased land, it now has a fine campus of 22 acres and six buildings used exclusively for school purposes, besides the President's house and a laundry and steam- heating plant. Four of these school buildings are of brick and are each three stories high, two of them having also high basements in constant use as school rooms, dining halls, etc. This whole property, worth about $100,000, is devoted to the use of the school. " The Normal Department, embracing the Grammar and Primary Schools, is directly under charge of graduates of the Oswego (N. Y.) Normal School and of the Toronto Normal School. In both lines of work practice-teaching by students, under the eye of these respective ladies, is made as prominent a feature as possible, and with good results. It is our desire to make the work of teachers more and more a prominent feature of the school. We believe it impossible to emphasize too strongly the importance and need of it for the colored people. The two teachers supported by your Board have done very efficient work nil the year and are worthy of your confidence in every way. I beg to present a very earnest request to your Board for a revival of your former grant to the Manual Training department of the college. This would make it possible to place a special teacher in charge of the work. Our present teacher of science has charge of it now and is giving it close attention, but his whole time ought to be given to science teaching and the developing of that important work. With such additional support as I am now asking, and the well-equipped work shop at command, we can carry Manual Training forward to its higher results. There is no need of reasons to make clear the great importance of this work. All students are required to spend 80 minutes daily in the Manual Training shop, or at domestic work, sewing, cooking, etc., an a part of their school duties."


School Management, Methods of Teaching, Drawing, Arithmetic, Penmanship, and Primary work in all its grades.


The enrollment is 360. Number of pupils in Grammar department, 172; Primary department, 58 ; Training School, 230 ; Teaching under criticism, 20; Preparing to teach, 81.


Number of boys in Blacksmithing, 7 ; in Machine work and Iron, 6; in Wood Turning, 10 ; in Carpentry, 54 ; in Scroll and Bracket sawing, 36 ; in Mechanical Drawing, 16; in Printing, 13.


In plain Sewing, 120; in fancy Sewing, 50; in Cooking, 8; in Printing, 6.


MissT. A. Russell $750 00
Miss Hattie Finney 250 00