Bishop College
Historically Black College




Summary Of The Work Of 1896-1897

BISHOP COLLEGEŚMarshall, Texas. N. Wolverton, A. M., President.

" During the past summer a very severe drought prevailed over all Texas and neighboring parts of Louisiana, reducing the available income of the people so seriously that many of our advanced students have been compelled to remain out of school for the year, and so the attendance has been slightly below the average. To date we can report an enrollment of only 285, against 323 at the same time last year.


Number of pupils receiving special professional training 40
Number teaching under criticism 28
Number of classes taught by them 38
Total number of weeks' teaching done by them 792
Total number in the school who are preparing to teach 76

Our ideal is this: To have the students complete the Higher English Course, then spend one whole year in the study of those subjects which especially prepare them for the teacher's profession, such as Experimental Psychology, School Organization and Management, Approved Methods of Teaching, History of Education, etc., and in Practice Teaching. But we cannot, as yet, realize that ideal. So many who are in the various years of the Higher English Course, drop out from time to time to teach in the public schools, and hence need help for their work, that we are compelled to give more or less teaching in such subjects, and to practice teaching in each year of that course. We have this year, however, for the first time, one student who will complete not only all the subjects of the Higher English Course but also all the above subjects of the professional work and will receive a Normal Diploma. Three others have nearly reached that point but will have to come back to complete some of the branches. Each pupil teacher teaches a subject in a grade for four weeks, and at the end of that time changes both subject and grade. As heretofore all the students of the Grammar School and academic grades are required to take some kind of industrial work, in which they receive constant and systematic instruction. We are adding this year to the equipment of the shop one 18" engine lathe, with all modern improvements, one iron shaper, with necessary vises, tools, etc., and eighteen new and improved benches for the class in carpentry, at a cost of $780."


T. A. Russell. Normal Superintendent $750.00
F. M. Goble. Manual Training 750.00
H. Finney. Model School 500.00