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Bishop College. Library March 26 , 1920


Summary Of The Work Of 1892-1893

Marshall, Texas. Rev. N. Wolverton, President.

Pupils, 129 male; 119 female. Ten teachers. Twenty-two acres of land, with buildings completed and " going up," the money for which is in hand, may be valued at $70,000. There is no endowment. The course in the Normal School is so arranged as to prepare the students for the State certificates required of teachers. There are 140 pupils in the Normal School, and those of the second, third and fourth years are required to study methods of teaching, and to teach one class each day, during sixteen weeks, under the kindly but exacting criticism of a critic teacher. Entrance and promotion examinations are rigid and students are classified thereby. There are four classes in manual training daily. Every girl boarder (76) and many of the day girls have had regular instruction, three times a week, in sewing and dress-making; the boarders, also, in plain cooking.

"During the past twelve months 80 of our Normal students have written at the State examinations, held in the various counties, and of these, 6 obtained I. grade; 53, II. grade; 24, III. grade certificates, and 3 failed. Of the 80, forty-one secured the certificate which our grading entitled them to; forty-two secured higher certificates than our grading warranted. One who failed should have passed, judging from our grading, and two should not. Nine wrote in Louisiana, two in Arkansas, and the others in twenty- eight counties of Texas. We have received complimentary words from many County Superintendents."

The President of the College, in response to an inquiry for facts, says:—

" The fact that, before the reorganization of the Normal work in October, "91, over 50 per cent, of the students of this school failed at the State examinations, compared with what is stated above justifies a very strong inference.

" The fact that since October, '91, over 30 of our students have gone to a neighboring school to get the grading denied them here speaks of a high standard.

" The fact that this year the standings of the whole school average 10 percent, higher than last, leads us to hope that we shall be able to maintain our standard.

" The fact that the Southern white people of this town have contributed this year $1,022.50 towards the equipment of the Industrial Department, speaks of their approval of the work, and of a marked change of sentiment on the question of negro education.

" Permit me to express my gratitude for the higher degree of efficiency of our present work, which is due to the kindness of the Slater Board."

There is in course of erection a new building which will be used mainly for Normal School work, and when completed will afford excellent accommodation for the training of teachers. The industrial plant will also be greatly enlarged before the opening of the next school year. In view of the large and excellent provision which the College is making for the training of teachers and industrial training, the President earnestly pleads for an increased appropriation.

The Slater appropriation has been paid to :

Clara Denslow. Normal Work............ $500 00.........Pupils....... 105
F. M. Goble. Manual Training ...............500 00....... .Pupils.........87


Image: Papers of Jackson Davis, MSS 3072, Special Collections, University of Virginia Library