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Bishop College Notes  1907 - 1908, The Baptist home mission monthly, Volumes 29-30


A HOME MISSION FAMILY T HE elevation of the home and  the standards of family life is one of the objects of the Home Mission Schools Of this our illustration speaks more forcibly than words It presents the family of Prof OE Perpener The entire family is now at Bishop College Marshall Texas Father mother and one daughter are instructors and the rest of the family are students An unusual family in some respects and yet illustrating what education and Christian ideals will do for the home 




BISHOP COLLEGE MARSHALL TEX Pres AB Chaffee DD Frances Adkins Mariet Barker Mrs AB Chaffee Josephine L Cressey Mabel Dorr Hattie I Finney LE Fowler 0 A Fuller Alice Haskell JG Osborne OE Perpener Alice Swing Mrs AC Brown WL Jones EM Gill BJ Hurd 





The Following Teacher Were Appointed 

Bishop College Marshall Tex Pres CH Maxson Mariet D Barker Josephine L Cressey Hattie L Finney Lulu E Fowler Oscar A Fuller Alice Haskell OE Perpener Mrs AC Brown EM Gill Mabel N Moon 




Prof. Charles H. Maxson, the new president of Bishop College, Marshall, Texas, is a native of the State of Ohio. When he was eight years old his parents moved to Iowa, in which State he received his education. He is a graduate of the Iowa State University with the degrees of B.S. and B.D. (Bachelor of Didactics).

Professor Maxson was for four years in the employ of the Society as a teacher in Indian University. Since 1895 he has been engaged in public school work in Iowa,- with the exception of the five years from 1901 to 1906, during which time he served in the Philippines, first as teacher and later as principal of the Iloilo Normal School.

President Maxson thus brings to his work at Bishop College the results of a long and varied experience in school work. He has practical knowledge of work and methods in Manual Training and will be as much at home in the shops at Bishop College as in the class-room.

Mrs. Maxson is a daughter of Rev. S. H. Mitchell, of Iowa, author of a History of Iowa Baptists and at one time a missionary of the Society to the Delaware Indians. Mrs. Maxson, like her husband, was at one time a teacher in Indian University, and is an enthusiastic helper in her husband's work.




The Following Teacher Were Appointed 
Bishop College Marshall Tex Miss Arabella Johnston





The Baptist home mission monthly

edited by William W. Bliss, Howard Benjamin Grose - 1907