School Journal 1883


 Camp County Training School September,1919




Texas School Journal
by Texas State Dept. of Education- 1883

Pittsburg and Leesburg are the educational centers. Pittsburg has three schools, with an average attendance of about 180. Leesburg one school of 70. Pittsburg and Leesburg both applied for the Summer Normal for the 5th Senatorial District The East Texas Academic Institute, Leesburg, Maj. J. M. Richardson, Principal, will close June 80. The examination commences June 18.... Beat No. 4, in which Leesburg is located, enjoys " Local Option."... .Camp county is the "baby" in area, of its district, and of the State. It has only 186 square miles of territory, about one- seventh as large as Rhode Island, but it has a scholastic population 8-14 of 1,075 and 83 school lands, 17,700 acres, located in Wheeler county, at $1.50 per acre, on twenty years time, interest at 8 per cent, annually in advance. The principal is $20,550 ; the annual interest, $2,124. Query : Can the annual interest be used for the support of the public free schools? or must the annual interest, as well as the principal, be invested in bonds, the interest from the bonds alone being available for school purposes? If the interest as well as the principal must be invested, Camp will have, at the end of the twenty years, a school fund of $09,080. But if the annual interest on the purchase, which interest is really a part of the consideration, and therefore a part of the purchase money, can be annually expended, then Camp's permanent school fund will be only $26,550. 

CAMP COUNTY.—The East Texas Academic Institute, Leesburg, Texas, opened August 27. Attendance very good. Classes in Latin, French, Book-keeping, Algebra. Geometry, Physiology, Chemistry, Natural Philosophy, etc., have been organized. Its Rector, John M. Richardson, has been elected a member of the "American Association for the advancement of Science."

CAMP COUNTY.—The East Texas Academic Institute, at Leesburg, closed on June 20th. The exercises were very interesting, essays, compositions and speeches being read and delivered by ten young ladies and five young gentlemen. There was a large crowd in attendance, and the best order was maintained



Image: Papers of Jackson Davis, Special Collections, University of Virginia Library