The Bolton Community of Camp / Upshur

The Early Years

This site is a result of my search for information about my ancestors and the times that shape their lives.


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   Wake County, NC Tax List 1819  
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Historical Marker Text: Bolton Cemetery

Ebenezer (Ebb) and Martha Bolton settled in this area in the 1850s. They established an extensive plantation and owned a number of slaves before the Civil War. Following Ebb Bolton's death in 1877, his widow made arrangements to provide land to their former slaves. This cemetery, which began in 1861 upon the death of Martha Bolton's mother, Rebecca Durley, became a part of the Bolton community, a Freedmen's town which built up in the area. Both Ebb and Martha Bolton are interred here, as are many of the former slaves and their descendants.

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1996 Camp County "Courtesy of the University of Texas Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin."