Each One Teach One: The Education of the Texas Freedmen 

Documents - Freedmen's Bureau - Monthly Reports




[Circular No 10 ]


Washington, July 11, 1865

I The following mentioned reports will be forwarded to this bureau by the Assistant Commissioners of the same as hereinafter mentioned:

1st Monthly reports of refugees and freedmen, whether they are self-supporting or not, who are in colonies, camps, depots, or hospitals, and on government farms or other lands, under the control of the Assistant Commissioners These reports will contain statements of the number of persons in each colony, camp, depot, hospital, or on each farm; the number and value of rations that have been furnished to agents, employs, refugees, and freedmen, and of the amount and value of clothing that has been furnished, if any, and whether the same has been obtained by donation or purchase; also of the number of refugees and freedmen who may not be in colonies, camps, depots, hospitals, or on farms, to whom rations and clothing may have been issued, and the number and value of such rations, and the amount and value of such clothing so issued, and whether such clothing was obtained by donation or purchase The statistics of colonies, camps, etc , will be entered on separate lines in these reports Blank forms for the same will be furnished from this bureau

The first of these reports that the Assistant Commissioners make must cover the period from the time when they first entered upon their duties until the first of the month following the receipt of this circular.

2d Land reports  These will be forwarded, as soon as practicable, reports of all lands in the possession or under the control of Assistant Commissioners or their agents that are held for the use or benefit of loyal refugees or freedmen, if such reports have not already been made They will contain statements as to whether such lands have been abandoned or confiscated, a brief of general description of each separate piece or tract, with its situation, and the name of the former owner or possessor of the same After such reports have been forwarded, monthly reports of changes will be made, containing brief descriptions of any lands gained dining the past month, with statement as to how the same were acquired, the situation and names of former owners

These reports will also account for all lands that have been lost since the last reports were made, with statements as to how the same were lost or given up In column of remarks will be stated the number of refugees or freedmen on each farm or tract of land, how they are employed, and whether they are self-supporting

3d School reports -Reports will be forwarded, as soon as practicable, of the number of schools, scholars, and teachers at present under the general direction of the Assistant Commissioners of this bureau in their respective districts, and afterwards monthly reports of changes in the same will be made

4th Rosters of all officers and civilians on duty with or employed by Assistant Commissioners as sub-assistant commissioners, staff officers, or agents, giving the names of such persons, and rank, if they are officers of the army; also stating the duty performed by each, by what order officers were assigned to such duty, the rate of salary allowed civilians, and how the funds for paying such salaries have been raised The roster will be forwarded as soon as possible, and afterwards monthly reports of changes of officers and agents will be made.

All monthly reports called for in this circular will be made and forwarded on the first of each month All other deposits heretofore called for by the Commissioner of this bureau will be made as usual.

II Assistant Commissioners will forward to this bureau copies of all circulars and orders that they have issued They will also hereafter, at the time of issuing such, forward copies of the same

O O HOWARD, Major General, Commissioner.