Each One Teach One: The Education of the Texas Freedmen 

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[Circular on Rental. ]

War Department, Bureau Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands, Office General Superintendent Schools,

Washington, August 14, 1869.

Sir: By direction of the Commissioner the following regulations are made in regard to payment of rental on school buildings to educational associations providing competent teachers for freedmen's schools :

Rental will be paid quarterly at $10 per mouth where schools have an average of thirty or more scholars taught by a commissioned teacher, with or without an assistant.

Hereafter, the time only during which the school shall have actually been taught is to be reckoned, and no time less than half a month shall be charged.

In case any school falls below thirty, the total average attendance of all actual schools may be made and divided between such schools, at the rate of thirty pupils each, provided no school having less than fifteen pupils is counted in.

No rental, either directly or indirectly, will be paid on buildings owned or rented by the general government,

No rental will be paid for schools when the salary of teachers is in whole or mainly paid by the city, State, or other parties where said school is located, except in case such support, as promised, is withheld from necessity for considerable time; then the $10 per month maybe allowed, provided it be guaranteed by the association furnishing the teachers thus paid that any amount subsequently received from the State, &c, shall be scrupulously devoted to school purposes for refugees and freedmen.

Quarterly bills for rent must be verified and made correct by the State superintendent before being presented at these headquarters. On the certification of such bills by the general superintendent, a, check for the amount will be forwarded.

It will be seen, therefore, that prompt and full reports from teachers to State superintendents will be needed.

It would facilitate the work of superintendents, if the teacher's report could be indorsed by the local school committee, or some prominent citizen in the neighborhood.

Daily school registers, from which, if properly kept, monthly reports can be easily made, will be furnished gratuitously by this bureau.

The construction and repairing of school-houses will be continued, to a limited extent, as heretofore, on laud permanently secured to trustees for purposes of education of freedmen and refugees, and this work will now be. done more especially iu the destitute rural districts.

Transportation for teachers cannot hereafter be given; and no aid beyond the above, to the schools in general, can be promised under the law.

J. W. ALVORD, Genera I Superintendent Education.