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Freedmen's Bureau - The Pennsylvania Freedmen's Bulletin article - 1865


The Pennsylvania Freedmen's Bulletin article - 1865


AN APPEAL. The following letter speaks for itself. We have forwarded it to our Western Branch, at Cincinnati, in whose field Texas properly belongs, and we earnestly appeal to our Western friends to give them the means to comply with the request of Mr. Wheelock. Truly the harvest is plenty, but the laborers are few :

Galveston, Texas, Sept. 12,1866. Rev. Lyman Abbott, Gen. Sec. A. F. U. Com.:

Dear Sir: By direction of Major-General J. B. Zitler, A. C. for Texas, I have the honor to inform you that the north-eastern portion of this State, being all that part lying east of the Trinity river and north of a line drawn from the Trinity through Crockett to the Sabine river, has been assigned to your organization, to be by them supplied with free schools and teachers for the freedmen.

This district contains about twenty thousand square miles, comprising much of the fertile wheat and cotton lands, while its population was noted for its loyalty during the civil war.

The call for freedmen's schools all through that section is now loud and urgent.

While we have been enabled to supply the central portion of the State, this great district of country has not met with attention, owing to its great distance from and the difficulty of communicating with Galveston, the Bureau's headquarters.

The Bureau has organized here but one school, located at Marshall, with two teachers and an attendance of 125 pupils.

This school has hitherto been sustained by tuition fees, thereby excluding the poorest classes from the privilege of instruction. In case your association has the funds and the teachers wherewith to occupy this region, it is recommended that the teachers of the Marshall school be enrolled and sent by your body, and that all the schools to be founded shall be free schools.

To measurably supply the educational wants of this section, some sixty schools are required. Male instructors will, in most cases, succeed better than females. The most convenient centre for work will be at Marshall, whither the teachers can be forwarded via the Mississippi and Red rivers. It is earnestly hoped that-your engagements are such as to permit you to turn a current of the great stream of philanthropy and beneficence towards this distant and needy State.

Hoping for an early reply, I remain very truly yours,


Supt. Freedmen's Schools, State of Texas.





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by Pennsylvania Freedmen's Relief Association - Biography & Autobiography - 1865
Truly the harvest is plenty, but the laborers are few : GALVESTON, TEXAS, Sept.
... for the freedmen. This district contains about twenty thousand square ...
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