The First 50 Years



Reynolds appointed more than 400 Unionists and Republicans to state offices. After completing a registration of Texas voters that disfranchised thousands of Democrats and former Confederates, Reynolds organized the election of delegates to the Constitutional Convention of 1868-69. 


Constitutional Convention 1868


Forty years at El Paso, 1858-1898; recollections of war, politics, adventure, events, narratives, sketches, etc., by W. W. Mills.

Ulysses S. Grant. Proclamation, July 15, 1869

The 1868-69 Constitutional Convention - Texas State Library

Handbook of Texas Online: CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION OF 1868-69

Ordinances Passed by the Constitutional Convention, 1868

Journals of the Reconstruction Convention, 1868

Texas Politics - The Constitution

Constitution Adopted by the Constitutional Convention,    PDF
Election Declaration   PDF
Index to Constitution of 1871   PDF

The Constitution of the State of West Texas (1868)
Ordinances Passed by the Constitutional Convention, 1868

The Constitution of Texas (1869) (Reconstruction Constitution)


1868-69 Constitutional Convention African American Delegates

George Thompson Ruby


Wiley W. Johnson

Harrison and Panola.

James McWashington


Benjamin O. Watrous


Benjamin Franklin Williams

Austin and Colorado

Stephen Curtis Brazos.
Charles W. Bryant Harris
Scipio P. McKee Washington.
Ralph Long Hill, Navarro and Limestone.
Mitchell Kendall Harrison and Panola.
Sheppard Mullens