The Afro Texan Press 

The Early Years




July 1, 1944 to June 30, 1945

 SURVEY OF NEGRO NEWSPAPERS 3 Number and Location of Negro Newspapers in the period July 1, 1944 to June 30, 1945, there were 155 Negro newspapers in the United States, 146 of which bore a price. Those bearing a price were published in 14 Northern States, all of the Southern States, except Delaware, and 3 Western States. In the North these papers numbered 58, with a count of 75 in the South, and 13 in the West. Among the individual States, Texas with 11 priced newspapers ranked first, and the States of California, New York, and Pennsylvania with 10 priced newspapers each, ranked second. The northern cities of Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Indianapolis, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and St. Louis had 23 newspapers; the Southern cities of Atlanta, Baltimore, Birmingham, Dallas, Houston, Jacksonville, Memphis, New Orleans, Richmond, and Washington, D. C. had 25 newspapers; and Los Angeles in the West had 5 Negro newspapers. 


Dallas Express, 2604 Thomas Ave. 

Fort Worth
Fort Worth Defender, 910 Grove St. 
Fort Worth Mind, 915 Calhoun St. 
Sport News (mo.), 952 East Rosedale Blvd. 

Houston Defender, 1423 West Dallas St. 
Houston Informer and Texas Freeman, 2418 Leeland Ave. 
Negro Labor News, 419 Milam St. 
Texas Examiner, 4520 Lyons Ave. 

Wiley Reporter (coll. mo.), Wiley College 

Prairie View
Panther (coll. mo.), Prairie View University 

San Antonio
San Antonio Guard, 809 Virginia Blvd. 
San Antonio Informer, 322 South Pine St. 
San Antonio Register, 207 North Centre St. 

Waco Messenger, 109 Bridge Ave. 

Negro year book : a review of events affecting Negro life, 1941-1946 Guzman, Jessie Parkhurst, 1898-