The Afro Texan Press 

The Early Years




Religious Newspapers

National Denominational Newspapers

Austin Herald Lee Lewis Campbell

Austin Weekly Bulletin

Austin Sunday School Herald

Baptist Journal A. R. Griggs, 

Baptist Pilot, Elders L. G. Jordan and F. G. Davis, 

Baptist Preacher, Elder A. R. Griggs,  

The Baptist Star Weekly E. W. D. Isaac, L. G. Jordan, 

Centennial Dollar Reporter A. R. Griggs, 

Colored American Journal Theodore Kealing Hightower, Rev. C. W. Porter

Dallas Christian Leaflet A. R. Griggs, 

Gonzales Conservative Counselor

National Baptist Bulletin A. R. Griggs, 

Seven Mansions, N. O. Bryant, 

Southwestern Baptist  L. G. Jordan, 

Sunday School Herald

Texas Pioneer, Professor S. M. Smothers, .

Waco Paul Quinn weekly

Western Star A. R. Griggs, W. L. Davis, W.E. King,