The Afro Texan Press 

The Early Years




Samuel H. Smothers

S. H. Smothers was an editor of the Texas Pioneer newspaper at Brazoria, Tex

 Brazoria Institute, Brazoria, Texas 1867. Professor S. H. Smothers was President. As early as 1887 he had trained 60 teachers for work among colored people.

History of Louisiana Negro Baptists from 1804 to 1914.
 by William Hicks

1880 Census Dallas, Texas

 Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
 Sam'l H. Smothers  Self   M   Male   MU   46   VA   School Teacher   VA   VA 
 Eunice Smothers  Wife   M   Female   MU   45   IN      SC   TN 
 Henry F. Smothers  Son   S   Male   MU   18   IN   School Teacher   VA   IN 
 John O. Smothers  Son   S   Male   MU   12   IN      VA   IN