The Afro Texan Press 

The Early Years




Hightower Theodore Kealing


        The present editor of the A. M. E. Church Review, who takes Dr. Coppin's place, is indeed a unique character and has filled some important positions as an educator and writer. He was elected Assistant Principal of Prairie View State Normal School of Texas in 1883. While here he attracted much attention throughout the country by an impromptu speech before the National Educational Association in Topeka, Kan., which the New England Journal of Education pronounced the brightest and wittiest piece of oratory in the whole session. He contributed in 1886 to The Century Magazine, of New York, for which he was well paid. He at one time was supervisor of the Colored schools in Austin, Tex. The position was created by the board for him. I know of no other such case. For four years he was President of Paul Quinn College at Waco, Tex. While there he added several new features to its curriculum. During his vacations he spent his time in the South and Northwest as a lecturer, and is now known as one of the best platform speakers in the country regardless of color. His lecture, "The American Jonah," is unique, witty, forcible, and a popular favorite. As an editor he has had some experience before and has been a regular contributor to Inter-Ocean, N. E. Journal of Education, Texas School Journal, Galveston News and many other leading papers of the country. I am sure the A. M. E Review has fallen into good hands. Mr. Kealing was elected to his present position in May, 1896, at Wilmington, N. C.

Sketch from Evidences of Progress Among Colored People
by G. F. Richings - 1903